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Meet your 2021-2022 OPHS Key Club Officer Team!


This year's officers are ready to serve you! Sometimes it can be tough and a lot of hardwork, but in the end it's so rewarding. Now let's get to know your board members!

Additionally, our current LTG (lieutenant governor) is Neharika Logeshwaran. You can contact him at if you need anything!

Emily Elbaum: Co-President

Hey guys! I'm Emily and I'm a senior. I love dancing and playing with my puppy.


Emily Olster: Co-President

Hi, I’m Emily... but most people call me Olster (my last name). I’m currently a senior and I dance pretty much 24/7!


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Ethan Grinberg: Co-Vice President

Hey, I’m Ethan and I am a Senior. I enjoy musicals and learning languages.


Maddie Posner: Co-Vice President

Hi I’m Maddie and I’m a Senior! I love sports, music, and spending time with my friends and family.


Helia Moeini: Secretary

Hi, I’m Helia Moeini and I am a Sophomore. I love to read books, play the piano, and watch movies.


Savannah Rubio: Historian

Sup, I'm Savannah. I'm a senior and I love to dance and pet dogs.


Cassidy Honeymar: Treasurer

I'm Cassidy and I'm a senior! I like to travel, play sports, and spend time with friends/family.


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